Open Singles Circuit at BIBC

OSC will take place at BIBC on 21st and 22nd April 2018. 



OSC 2016/2017 Circuit

The OSC visit to Bristol on Saturday 11th March 2017 was an amazing event with 64 top bowlers battling it out in this knock out competition for the top prize of £1000 and higher positions in the rankings.
Local bowlers, Paul Bryant, Paul Brown and Reece White made it through the first rounds with Barry Barry gaining a place in the final only to be beaten by Paul Maynard of Foxhill IBC who was on top form.  Precision bowling at its best!
For the final rankings visit:

The winner Colin Maynard

The OSC is held at numerous venues throughout the country with 450 bowlers listed in the rankings.  The current rankings can be viewed on the Open Singles Circuit website. Players enter the draw and on the day play a knockout competition.  Each player has four bowls and the match is played over of two sets of 7 ends with a tie break if required.


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