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 Winter Leagues Results 2017-18

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2016 – 2017 End of Season Results at a Glance

Summer League 2016
Tuesday Afternoon Triples Runners Up Ashton Vale A
Winners Shire Sport
Winter League 2016-2017
Monday Afternoon Ladies Triples Runners up Emeralds
Winners Soul Mates
Monday Afternoon Open Fours Runners up Surfers
Winners Avonside
Monday Afternoon Australian Pairs Runners up Bankies
Winners Bilabongs
Monday Evening Mens Fours Runners up Willmott Wonders
Winners Gas
Tuesday Morning Open Triples Runners up Greville
Winners Travellers
Tueday Afternoon Open Fours Runners up Dormy
Winners Tommies
Tuesday Evening Open Triples Runners up Phoenix
Winners Dead End Kids
Wednesday Morning Australian Pairs Runners up Sydney Hopefuls
Winners The Dingos
Wednesday Afternoon Open Fours Runners up Port of Bristol
Winners Downend Tuf Guys
Wednesday Afternoon Singles Runner up Peter Collins
Winner John Marshall
Wednesday Evening Open Fours Runners up Taxi Sports
Winners Imperial
Thursday Afternoon Ladies Fours Runners up The Royals
Winners Jezebels
Thursday Afternoon Open Triples Runners up Cygnets
Winners Bowls R Us
Thursday Afternoon Open Fours Runners up Muskateers
Winners Red Devils
Thursday Evening Mens Triples Runners up Two +1
Winners Gas
Friday Afternoon Open Pairs Runners up Outcast
Winners Good Guys
Friday Afternoon Open Fours Runners up Avonshire
Winners Shadows
Friday Evening Open Fours Runners up Phantoms
Winners Badgers
Sunday Evening Open Fours Runners up Age Range
Winners Roy’s Boys


Wednesday Afternoon Singles


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