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September 2017 Newsletter

Letter from the Chairman: 

Welcome back to the club for those members who are returning after their outdoor season and a special welcome to the new members who have joined the club this season. It is easy to forget how we felt when we first joined this club and it is so important that we welcome our new members and make them feel at home as quickly as possible.

The Open Day on Sunday 10th September was particularly successful this year. There was a steady flow of people visiting the club all of whom were genuinely interested in playing bowls. On the day 17 new members joined and a further six are starting their novice bowls coaching sessions.

We are fortunate that a sponsor has stepped forward to subsidise the costs of the new club coloured gilets, that are now available to purchase in the bowls shop. These will now be priced at £15, the same price as the club jackets. Many thanks to the generous sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous.

We have introduced changes to some leagues which will help new members to be able to join some of the leagues throughout the indoor season. Those of you who have ever played squash will be familiar with the box ladder system that enables players to play against those in their box and at the end of each person playing everyone else the top and bottom teams are promoted up and down, new boxes are formed and a new series of box matches start. By introducing this system into our club it enables new players/teams to enter the leagues at the end of each box duration. This system has been operating for the Monday afternoon Australian Pairs and the Wednesday afternoon singles league and is now being introduced in the new Sunday evening Australian Pairs and Thursday afternoon (4.15pm) Novice Australian Pairs league.

We are making changes to the new Novice Australian Pairs league to widen interest from members allowing experienced players to play with novices as long as each week there is at least one novice in each pair. The definition of novice we are applying is that they have not played bowls anywhere previously for more than three years or have not previously played in any leagues at any bowls club.

To help those new to bowling or members who have some experience of bowling and wish to improve we will be starting the improver coaching sessions each Friday at 2.05 once sufficient number of people have signed up to join these on the main notice board. There is no need to turn up every week as nobody can forecast their diary for a complete season but if you wish to see how much you can improve your ability do sign up and enjoy the feel good factor of developing the confidence to become a better bowler.

Those of you who bowled at the club during the summer will be well aware of the property works that have been going on. We had to delay the start of the new store otherwise we would have not been eligible for any grant from Sport England.  Fortunately, they advised us just in time that we would receive a £40,000 Community Asset Fund Grant. This delay meant that the store is only just ready at the start of the season and we are still transferring items into it. We have received a huge bonus by being able to acquire surplus items from a school that is closing down. This has provided replacement sturdy serving tables for the Function Room, excellent quality storage units for the store as well as a supply of high quality chairs that are now located in the new store. Previously we would not have been able to take these chairs due to lack of storage space so immediately we are experiencing a bonus from having this new facility.

Once we knew we were receiving the Sport England grant the board decided to order additional air conditioning in the lounge and committee room.  Unfortunately, due to delays in delivery of some materials this work has not yet been completed so there will be some disruption when the contractor returns to complete this work. Those of you experienced in air conditioning will know that the control of these systems need some fine tuning before everything works as planned. We are now entering the phase when the club becomes very busy so please be patient as the controls are adjusted to provide the right conditions.

This season is unusual in that we have two major events happening at the beginning. The first of these is the live televised Test Match between England and Wales on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th September. We are limited to 30 free tickets for each day so please contact Angela if you wish to attend. Then we have the major under 18 International between England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and a British Lions team on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October. The club will be absolutely packed and the atmosphere very exciting so do come along and enjoy this special event.

We have our own beginning of season Captains Bowls Drive on Sunday October 1st where we dress up, play bowls and socialise.  The theme this year is red, white and blue. The format is a progressive umbrella style competition with awards for the person with the most colourful outfit and for those with the highest score after four matches of five ends. This is a fun event to start the indoor season so please support our captains and add your name to the list on the main board/arrive 15mins early to sign on.

We have updated the Year Book and Members’ Booklet which are available free at reception. The booklet is particularly useful for new members as it has been designed to provide background information on the history of the club and the way that it operates.

I hope that you will all enjoy an excellent indoor season at the club.

Lewis Toman

League Manager – Steve Neal

I have sent the schedules out a bit later this year, this was to try and avoid having to re-issue as many as in previous years, thank you for your support and patience.

Team Secretaries – if you have not returned the Registration of Team and Players for 2017/2018 Winter Leagues form sent to you by email, please return by the end of September.

Leagues starting in October

Monday Aft Australian Pairs @ 4.15pm                            Proposed start date 2nd October 17

Wednesday Aft Singles @ 4.15pm                                     Proposed start date 4th October 17

Sunday Eve Australian Pairs @ 6.30pm                             Proposed start date 8th October 17 

The above leagues are open to all members.

Thursday Aft 4.15pm Australian Pairs Novice & Experienced Player Football League  (TAAPNEPFL for short!)

It has been decided to try a new suggestion with this league and create an open league, (males and females can play in any combination), with team squads that can be totally novices or a combination of novices with experienced bowlers. The stipulation is that for each league match there must be at least one novice playing in each team.

This league will also use a football scoring system so that teams accumulate points whether or not they win ends. The scoring will be 4pts for shot wood, 3 points 2nd wood, 2 pts 3rd wood and 1 point 4th wood.

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to join the above leagues and remember you will be able to check all the league results on the BIBC Website in due course.

Enjoy your winter bowling.

Summer League 2017

Congratulations to the Allsorts, winners of the Tuesday Open Triples League with the Pretenders coming a close second.

Congratulations also to PVG winners of the Thursday Australian Pairs League with the Optimists in 2nd place.  

BIBC wishes to send heart-felt thanks to all our volunteers and staff who have helped in so many ways during the summer and at the present time with the setting up of the new store and transfer of all the equipment.  

A message to all members ….. Sign up to play in the Matches, Mens’ League Matches, Ladies Competitions…….

Dates for your diary:

  • Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th September EIBA Test Match between England v Wales. Free entry for members.  Remember to book your seats.
  • Sunday 1st October Captains Bowls Drive 2pm to 6pm
  • Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th October British Isles U18 International. Free entry for members.  Turn up early to find a seat

For more club information:

Follow up national competition information on the EIBA web site:

For photographs visit:

Facebook: Bristol Indoor Bowls Club

Twitter: @bristolibc



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