Disability Bowls

BIBC operates a policy of inclusivity encouraging people of all abilities to bowl at the club. If you are impaired in any way please contact the club and we will do everything we can to assist you to be able to play bowls.

Specially designed wheelchairs are used on the bowls carpet

Wheelchair user car parking spaces are located by the main entrance with a clear wheelchair route marked showing how to access the front entrance doors.  Several car parking spaces have been allocated close to the main entrance for drivers with blue badges.

External access to the club is via a gently sloping wheelchair friendly ramp with automatically opening doors to assist easy access to the club lobby.

A visually impaired group of bowlers play at the club every Saturday morning and would be pleased to welcome other visually impaired people to join their group.

Visually impaired bowlers

A session for people with learning difficulties operates each Friday from 12.30 until 3.00pm. The first hour involves a managed stimulating “memory” session which after a 30 minute break is followed by a one hour bowling session.

For those with physical difficulties access to the bowling area is assisted by use of steps on rinks 1 and 9 and rink access/exit helpers on all the other rinks.

For those who use wheelchairs the club has manual and electrically operated bowls wheelchairs  for use by members of the club.  These options give our disabled bowlers independence on the rinks.  Wheelchair rink access is by a ramp on rink 9 from the rinkside on to the rinks.

Many of the club coaches attend disabled coaching courses providing them with the knowledge to assist players of all disabilities to learn how to play bowls.

As previously mentioned, the club operates a fully inclusive policy with bowlers with a disability being encouraged to become members and compete with or against non-disabled bowlers.   The group of visually impaired bowlers play an annual match against junior bowlers and also enter a team for the BIBC Top Club competition.

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