Club Tour

BIBC Club Tour to Torquay Leisure Hotels
took place on the 12th to 15th January 2018.

Eleven matches were played and eleven matches
were won over the course of the 4 days.


BIBC Club Tour to Torquay 20th- 23rd January 2017

TORQUAY TOUR REPORT 2017 by Cedric Gunson
58 Members finally participated, 4 of whom did not bowl.
We played 12 matches, of which we won 8 .
Congratulations to Chris Lowden, who played on a rink that managed to win all 5 matches.
Arrangements were made to extend the tour to 3 nights this year – Friday 20th January / Monday 23rd January 2017, so that we could play a match @ Isca (Exeter) on the way back to Bristol, which we lost on all 8 rinks – have to do better next year.
An application form is attached for participation in next year’s 3 night tour to Torquay on Friday January 12th – Monday January 13th 2018.
May I thank all those who came forward and Captained at least one of the matches – it was a great help.
Also thanks to Alan Edwards, who assisted in dragging money out of all of you for both the ‘Whiskey’ Raffle and ‘Swindle’.

Open link for  2018 Tour Application




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